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O Suicídio, vida em torno da morte

Why does suicide worry us? Our propose is to examine some answers that make more understandable why someone take their own lives. Suicide sends us to death. And the consciousness of death is what gives meaning to life. In addition, suicide send us to a dear people’s death. We all know that we will not escape death, but we expect to live until the lights go out on their own.

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O Tribunal do Santo Ofício

 Representações inquisitoriais em Pedro Berruguete (c. 1450-1504), Goya (1746-1828) e Cristiano Banti (1824-1904)

The mith of Inquisition in the iconographic interpretation of three artistic representations: Pedro Berruguete (c. 1450-1504), Goya (1746-1828) and Cristiano Banti (1824-1904).

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O Descendimento da Cruz na longue durée (sécs. XIV-XVII)

As novas experiências artísticas das expressões corporais

As the Middle Ages acquired new and delicate body expressions with the advent of Gothic and International Gothic, the artists felt more and more at ease to experience new postures, gestures and contortions of the human body. For that, Christ continued to be the artistic aesthetic reference. The theme of the Descent from the Cross served as the basis for this bodily experimentalism. Our proposal is to ascertain the different nuances of some artists regarding the theme between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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